Green Carpet Cleaning

We at WholeHome have a passion for keeping homes clean, comfy & healthy. We believe Mother Nature does too – so we’ve taken great care to ensure that our cleaning formulas and techniques don’t mess with her work!

More Info On Green Carpet Cleaning

The harsh chemicals used in conventional carpet cleaning can do serious damage to the environment. Our green carpet cleaning products have the highest possible EPA rating, due to the absence of polluting agents such as carcinogens, perfumes, surfactants, NTA, EDTA, petrochemicals, phosphates, alkali builders, acidic or VOCs. Additionally, our deodorizers consist of only natural oils that produce a pleasant and natural aroma for your home.

You no longer need to choose between effective carpet cleaning and green carpet cleaning. WholeHome's cleaning formulas and techniques are gentle on your home, family and planet, but very tough on stains and grime. We believe that everyone has a responsibility to share the planet responsibly. Green carpet cleaning is our way of showing we mean business.