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10 Easy Eco-Friendly Easter Ideas

Easter celebration is nearing yet again, and coming up with ideas for Easter activities is one of the most exciting things to think about. Technically, one can gather a lot of ideas on what to do for this occasion; it is the challenge of coming up with an eco-friendly Easter, though, that’s quite hard.

If you want your kids to celebrate Easter the nature-friendly way, here are some eco-friendly Easter ideas to get you started:

  1. Eggs - This probably tops the list of any mom who wants to go green this Easter Sunday. Let go of the usual synthetic, chemical dyes and dye your Easter eggs the natural way. To do this, you have either buy an egg coloring eco-friendly kit or make your own dyes yourself. This website,, outlines a simple and easy way to dye eggs naturally. The use of either eco-coloring kit and natural dyes allows you and your kids to bond over egg-painting sessions that are not only fun but environment-friendly as well.
  2. Egg Alternatives - Amp up your eco-friendly measures a little further by using paper mache eggs instead. Paper mache eggs painted with eco-friendly dyes will last you years and years of Easter celebrations, with proper care. Again, molding your paper maches with your kids can be another fun thing to do together this coming Easter. Here’s one method:
  3. Baskets - Avoid buying new baskets and go for your old ones instead. Reusing old household baskets will save you the money and more materials you would have to acquire should you want an entirely new set. After Easter, utilize these baskets into regular household functions. Try choosing those baskets with versatile features–those that you can use in various ways around the house. If you don’t have old baskets, make sure to save them this year for a more eco-friendly Easter next year!
  4. Basket Grass - Ditch the synthetic green fillers and grab your old newspapers and magazines to make your DIY grass fillers. Shred or cut pages from your old newspapers and magazines and die them to become your eco-friendly basket grass/fillers. Doing this with your kids will be an avenue for you educate them about how the three R’s are being followed just by this eco-friendly grass alternative.
    BONUS: You could also use real living grass. Check out this link: 
  5. Egg Holders - From now on, collect your cardboard tissue fillers–with a little creative tweak here and there, you can transform this seemingly useless waste into colorful egg holders. Simply cut each cardboard tissue filler into three and have your kids paint them with whatever design they want using an eco-coloring set.
  6. Candies by Bulk - Instead of buying candies with individual plastic wrappers, go for those that come in huge packages that aren’t individually wrapped. This way, you can reduce the use of useless plastic wrappers and be more eco-friendly with your candy-giving.
  7. Organic Candies - Speaking of candies, why not bring your candy-shopping up to a whole new level by going for organic candies? Synthetic candies contain chemicals and preservatives that are not too environment-friendly. Ask the help of the grocery personnel to lead you to the section of organic candies and treats. You’ll find a whole lot of choices from hard candy to chocolate that your kids will definitely love.
  8. Green Treats - Another option aside from giving out candies is to give kids long-lasting treats such as books. Books are wonderful, educational gifts that last for years, even decades. You can also give them recycled sketchpads for their quirky artwork (which can also be recycled into gift wrappers or notebook covers). Bookstores have an entire selection of recycled school supplies from which you can select.
  9. Toys - Some other treats you can also give away are toys – but not the plastic ones. Replace your usual plastic, disposable toys with longer-lasting word puzzle sets, board games, or magnetic boards. They will be able to enjoy these toys for a long time without being harsh to the environment.
  10. Decorations - You may have to let go of your foil decorations now – recycled egg ornaments are definitely cooler, creative, fun, and eco-friendly. To make your very own egg ornaments, Punch small holes from both ends of each egg and blow out the contents (use the contents for baking cakes and cookies) onto a platter. Clean each egg with running water and soap. Let them dry, and then proceed on to painting them with your natural dyes and eco-coloring kits. Encourage your kids to be as creative as they can or provide them start-up ideas on how to decorate their eggs. Affirm them by saying that these eggs will last for the following Easter celebrations to come, so they have to give it their best in decorating them. This is a fun and surely memorable way to have your kids help you in your Easter Sunday preparations.
    Here’s a great guide:

Going green in all aspects of your daily living – including celebrations – demonstrates to your kids the importance of going eco-friendly. Once they see you so committed to being environment-friendly, the significance of going green will be more inculcated in them, making them truly understand that taking care of the environment is not only a thing of the books, but a real lifestyle.